About the HOA

kids-playingBoard of Directors
Ralph Vaca, President
Glenn Fox, Vice President
Ethel Rice-Winston, Secretary
Julian Fogle, Treasurer
Carolyn Stringfellow, Director-at-Large

The business and affairs of the association is vested in and exercised by the association’s Board of Directors.

Meeting Schedules
Board Meetings: 1st Tuesday each month, 6:30pm
(all Homeowners are welcome to attend)
Annual Meeting: Elections for Board of Directors

Monthly Dues
$96.00 per month

Contact Information
Hilltop Green HOA
1095 Parkside Drive
Richmond, CA 94803
Tel: 510.222.0500
FAX: 510.222.1025

Monday – Friday, 10:30a.m. – 5:00p.m. (subject to change)

The Business Office is located in the Clubhouse facility. The Business Office Manager is Brenda Bryant.